Judson's Legacy

Birthday Wish

Dear Judson,

It’s my birthday.  I miss you terribly.

I have been asked many times what I want for my birthday and in each instance I just want to answer “Jud.”  I crave you more than everything this world has to offer.  All the wealth, wisdom, health on this earth could be bestowed upon me and I would turn it down in a second to be with you.  I want you more than anything!

In recognizing this desire, it brings to light what Jesus desires of me-that I would be willing to sacrifice everything for Him.  Ironically, since losing you Judson, this seems to be becoming easier.  Being without you brings such perspective to my life.

As I weep uncontrollably over what has occurred since my last birthday, I want it to shape how I live the rest of my life.  Teach me, Judson, teach me!


P.S.  I can remember your voice as you would sing “Happy Birthday” and imagine you singing it to me now.  I love you!

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