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Birthday week for our Ladybug is in full force as Jessie turns four on the 19th.  And with our little girl gaining a year in age, it seemed a fitting time to finally re-decorate her room to match her age and personality (we had planned to do it once before until the bunk bed fiasco).  So, she went away for a couple days to spend time with Grammy and Papa while we went to town painting the dark olive green walls to a cheery yellow, moving furniture, clearing out drawers, and putting up colorful butterfly, dragonfly, ladybug, and floral decorations.  Jessie returned home today to a door adorned with a bow, concealing the big surprise. 

We never quite know how Jessie will respond in such a circumstance.  Will she be enthusiastic?  Will she be apprehensive?  Will it seem like a significant change?  Will she like it?  We weren’t quite sure what to anticipate with her reaction.

However, with the unveiling of her new digs, we couldn’t have asked for more exuberance and excitement.  Jess began dancing and jumping with delight!  Her “big gir room” is a huge hit!

This is a snapshot of how Jud & Jessie’s room has generally looked since we moved into our home (May 2006 before Jessie was born).
This picture was taken right after the bunk bed broke.

And here is Jessie’s response to her new room…




This is the shelf we put up in honor of Judson and as a reminder to Jessie of her brother who loves her deeply.

When I was pointing out other new pictures of Jess that I had put up, she ran over to the photo of Jud with his arm around her and exclaimed,
“This is my favorite picture, mama!”


7 Responses to "Big Girl Room"

  1. susan t says:

    Her room is beautiful! And I LOVE the Judson shelf. Love it – how special. What a wonderful way to have him still be her room buddy. Beautiful.

  2. Darlene says:

    I love your new room Jessie girl. I hope you have a happy 4 th birthday sweetie. Judson will always be with you.

  3. Samanta says:

    Jessie’s new room is adorable!!! I deeply loved Judson’s shelf! What a precious reminder of the love and presence of her big brother!!! So sweet!!!
    Congrats Christina

  4. Oh! I love thse photos. The shots of Jessie jumping in the air are so cute and brought a smile to my face! I especially love the shelf of Judson’s photos and agree with Jessie on her favortie picture!!

    lots of love to you all and big hugs to the beautiful birthday girl!!


  5. Oh my goodness….Jessie is growing up so fast!!!! We LOVE her room. You guys did one awesome job. She is just the cutest little bug!!!! Thank you for sharing. Love and birthday hugs~Jean and Gary

  6. llevasheff says:

    A beautiful new room for your Jessie Girl, our miraculous gift from God. You two did a beautiful job! My heart leaps for joy on her behalf. Juddy will be there to look over the sister he adores.

    Happy, Happy Birthday, Jessie!!!!

  7. hh says:

    A quick hello to all of you from us! haven’t been online or in touch since our big move, but during our rest time today, it hit me that today is Jessie’s 4th birthday! at least i think it’s the 19th. Happy birthday, Jessie! May God continue to bless you and surround you and your family with His love in the coming year.
    Much love,
    Heather, Mark and boys 🙂

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