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Beauty in Brokenness

Katelynn 1


written in memory of
Katelynn Abner: October 31, 2008 ~ July 4, 2014

Her beauty
Mesmerizing and pure

Porcelain skin
Translucent and soft

Long golden hair
Silky and flowing

Eyes of blue
Enchanting and deep

Lengthy lashes
Graceful and fine

A button nose
Freckled and fair

Rosy cheeks
Round and radiant

Dainty hands
Feminine and fancy

Her precious frame
Delicate and lithe

She was incredibly beautiful…
In brokenness
Strong and courageous

Now she is beautifully perfect


Me Holding KatelynnWhen I would sit with Katelynn in my arms, I’d soak in her beauty; she was a gift to behold. It was not simply a physical allure, though she is a gorgeous girl, but she had such a peaceful, serene presence in the midst of her suffering. I studied every detail of her lovely face. I breathed her in, shared secrets with her, and felt her warmth.

I emphatically believe that one of the greatest gifts one can experience is to engage the life of a child whose presence on this earth thins the veil that separates us from heaven; they are truly special messengers.

Jessie BridesmaidWhen we were with Katelynn a few times these last couple months, my kisses lingered on her tender forehead a bit longer, fearing it may be the last time I’d behold her beauty. Indeed, it was goodbye. Katelynn lost her battle with Metachromatic Leukodsytrophy on the 4th of July. Our hearts are broken with the Abner family as they must now navigate life without their precious girl.

Thank you, Katelynn, for gracing our lives with your beauty while modeling strength and tenacity in brokenness. Until we meet again, sweet girl, until we meet again!

Katelynn and I asleep


11 Responses to "Beauty in Brokenness"

  1. Beautifully said❤

  2. Elaine Carter says:

    Beautiful words for beautiful Katelynn!

  3. Silvana Rossi says:

    Perfect, like Katelynn.

  4. Sheryl says:

    Absolutely beautiful words. Thanks for sharing. Katelynn’s aunt is a dear friend of mine, i’ve been honored to have been following Katelynn’s FB page as well with many prayers along the way. Your poem was heartwarming. Rest in Heaven sweet angel. Fly High without struggle.

  5. Beautifully written. What a wonderful tribute.

  6. Kathleen Wall Scott says:


  7. Linda Swift McDonald says:

    So beautiful, Christina. Heaven is full of the most beautiful delightful angels.

  8. Beautiful…..just beautiful

  9. melisa Quintana says:

    Just beautiful , it made me cry 🙁

  10. So beautiful…my prayers are with all of you…every day.

  11. Karen klein says:

    Written with so much love. Heart warming gorgeous child.

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