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Back on the Horse

Whenever Jud was doing something where he fell or got injured, we regularly encouraged him to “get back on the horse” and do it again so that his memory of the circumstance was not just of the hard experience.  He was really good about trying things again, even if the previous incident carried painful or difficult associations.  This always made me proud of my brave little man!

Today, we “got back on the horse.”  Well, actually, we “got back on the train.”

The Orange County Model Engineers offer free miniature train rides in Costa Mesa the third weekend of every month, and before Judson got ill, we would regularly enjoy this special attraction in our city.  It was an activity that was always sure to put a smile on Jud’s face and get him chatting about his love of Choo-Choos.

Jessie had never been on the trains before because she had been too little the times we had previously visited, so we re-engaged this experience today for Jessie Girl.  It was the first time since Judson died.  The feeling was very strange to suddenly be riding with Jessie instead of Jud, and though it was hard, I am glad “we got back on the train.”

We have so many circumstances that are associated with Jud and because he has died, they are often very painful and difficult now.  However, we can honor our little man by “getting back on the horse” just as he used to courageously do.

One response to "Back on the Horse"

  1. Cathy Horner says:

    "Blessed are those who mourn, for they will be comforted." Matthew 5:4

    Thank you Christina for being so open with your experiences; you are a remarkable writer and mother!! I sicerely want you to know, again, how much your strengths and weaknesses have touched me; I often cry out for you. I pray for your family often and think of your "little man" in Heaven…sheading only tears of joy! (I am sure he is missing you too!!) Thank you for the beautiful way you share your love for Judson.
    XOXOXO, Cathy

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