Judson's Legacy

Anniversary of Diagnosis

Dear friends,

Today marks one year since we were informed that Judson had Krabbe disease.  I vividly recall the phone call from Jud’s geneticist, one year ago today, indicating they had discovered the enzyme causing Jud’s leukodystrophy and that it was indicative of Krabbe disease.  Any inclination toward hope of a misdiagnosis was shattered in that moment and it felt as though my world collapsed.

Today we launch this website (www.StoryOfJudson.com) as a reminder that though we lost Jud to this hideous disease “our future is not without Jud, but because of Jud”(EB).

Once again, we want to express our thankfulness for all the incredible ways we have been surrounded.  And a special thanks to Clark Studios who worked pro bono to provide the incredible graphic design of www.StoryOfJudson.com.  We are so grateful!!!  God has certainly been good to us, especially through the love of others!

Much love and gratitude,
Christina (on behalf of Drake too)

One response to "Anniversary of Diagnosis"

  1. Jodi says:

    I Believe that Judson Was A great boy. He was Very Smart 2 sing the National Anthem. I wish the Levasheffs The Best Luck. And I am So SORRY. Heres prayers 2 Jud!


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