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Various people at our church were asked to write reflections about a specific name given to Jesus and read them at our Christmas Eve service last night.  I was given the opportunity to reflect on one such name and thought I would post my vignette here.  Merry Christmas!”

The Amen

What child is this?  He is called “The Amen”.

Amen is a word that often rolls off our tongues as the punctuation to our prayers.  It is used to enthusiastically express agreement, and it speaks to that which is approved, right, and true.  But most of all, it is perfectly epitomized in the character of our Lord.  Revelation 3 says that this babe, Jesus Christ, is “The Amen”.  He is the personification of all that is true.

Jesus is the ultimate punctuation, the exclamation point leading to redemption for this imperfect world.  He is the climax and the final Word to all of God’s promises.  He is the fulfillment of God’s oath to us, His beloved children.

But what does this mean to my broken heart?  What does this mean to my body that yearns to hold my beautiful boy again?  What does this mean to a soul scarred by the evil in this world?  What does this mean to a mind plagued with experiences of suffering?  What does this child, “The Amen,” mean for you and me?

In brokenness, He is all that is whole.  When our strength fails, His power is perfect.  When surrounded by evil, He is all that is good.  Plagued with suffering, He is our assurance of hope. 

I do not understand His ways, and even feel wounded by them.  I cannot comprehend His plans, and often find them to be painful.  I am baffled by some of His decisions, and even long for them to be different…

but there is one clear exception…

His decision, as the Bright Morning Star, to humble Himself by coming to earth and living as the very Word of God among us.  He allowed Himself, a spotless Lamb, to be shamefully slaughtered for our sake.  And in His conquering of death, He has given us access to the Kingdom, to genuine Hope, the Hope to which I cling.  Therefore, this little child Jesus is the realization of all God’s promises to us.  “The Amen”!

Jesus is all that is sure.  He is our only certainty in this shifting, unstable, fractured world.  He is the source of everything true.  He is firm and faithful, worthy of our loyalty and trust.  Thus, He has aptly conferred the title of “Amen” upon Himself; the “Yes”, the “So Be It”, and the “Truly, Truly” of all God has done and will do.

I am challenged to consider, as each “amen” concludes my conversations of prayer, that I am actually invoking the very name of the One to whom I pray—the Lord Jesus Christ Himself.  I am affirming His role as the faithful and true witness and giving glory to Him who is, in fact, God incarnate.

Hallelujah!  This child has come!  Amen to the “Amen”!

4 Responses to "Amen"

  1. alissa says:

    this totally changes my thinking as i pray. i’m going to teach my kids what this means, so that ‘amen’ doesn’t become a meaningless word anymore! thank you.

  2. melanie says:


    Without knowing it was Jud’s birthday, Leah prayed for you and Drake last night. He has made quite an impact on a little girl who never even met him. As much as I am able, I still grieve with you guys and am so grateful for your openness in your grief. I have learned so much.

    With sorrow, love and thanks,

    PS I pray that the joy of Christmas will gently be restored to your family.

  3. lisa taylor says:

    I love you Judson’s mommy!!!!

    Lisa(Jaden’s mommy)

  4. Rebekah says:

    What profound reflections!! I’m so glad you shared these thoughts. They speak to every insecurity we can face.

    Thank you for encouraging me by sharing this…

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