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Ahoy, Matey!


It might be considered a new milestone for the little lady of our house, when the prospect of being a pirate was met with more enthusiams than than the possibility of donning a princess dress for Halloween.  I’m not sure Jessie even knew at the time of making her decision what a pirate is, but it seems she was unable to resist the plethora of accessories that came with the pirate outfit: vest, belt, headband, hat, oh my!

When asked, “Jessie, are you the scurge of the sea?”

She quickly retorted, “No, I am the ladybug of the sea,” as if the question was ludicrous.  “And I am a kind pirate.”

And a kind pirate she was…giving thanks to all who gave her loot and even helping her little cousin, Abie, remember to express gratitude as well.

Captain Jack Sparrow’s got nothin’ on her!!

The Sweetest Little Pirate Face

The Pirate Dance

Jessie’s Shipmates (Cousins Ella and Abie)


So much pirate booty she had to resort to dragging her treasure bag on the ground.

Proud Pirate Parents

7 Responses to "Ahoy, Matey!"

  1. jamie barlow says:

    The two of you continue to make me smile.
    The video’s stories, pictures are wonderful.

  2. Sandy says:

    The cutest pirate I think I have ever seen.

  3. Ken says:

    Ahha mi Hearties !!!
    Up with the Jolly Roger boys,

  4. Robyn Morton says:

    What a precious ladybug pirate! She is simply too cute for words.

  5. Samanta says:

    She´s so adorable Christina!!! God bless her smile and the joy she brings you!!!! A big hug!!!

  6. Aye Aye Matey…and one fine Pirate she is!!!!!!

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