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Accentuates the Light


The perception may be that a person who has been walking in the dark challenges of life might see almost everything through a dim lens, but I have actually discovered the opposite to be true.  Though one’s days may be filled with pain and sorrow, the aspects of life that provide light have the opportunity to shine more brightly.

Jessie has a cool ladybug nightlight (thanks Baesels!) that is commonly a toy of choice, but oftentimes she attempts to enjoy it in the daylight; she still finds pleasure in pushing the buttons and carting it around the house, but it is only upon entering a dark place that her joy with this toy increases exponentially.  When she takes it into her closet, closes the door, and in the darkness pushes the buttons, glee fills her face upon seeing the red, green, and blue stars of light flood the room.  The darkness enables her to enjoy the fullness of light present in the toy.

Similarly, it is my heartache that has caused blue skies to shine brighter and flowers to become more fragrant.  The love of a friend is all the more meaningful, kind gestures more greatly appreciated, a smiling face particularly valued, laughter a little sweeter, and love richer and deeper.  As brightly as these lanterns shine, it is especially in the dark that they are clearly seen.

I am grateful for the manner in which the darkness of my life has accentuated the light.

4 Responses to "Accentuates the Light"

  1. Katrina says:

    Oh Christina. Thank you for sharing your thoughts, once again. You are able to articulate my thoughts, to put word pictures to my feelings in ways that even I cannot. These lanterns, these beacons, these light houses are gifts to those of us that don’t have such literary abilities. Thank you.


  2. Samanta says:

    Christina, your words are beautifully written, you describe your deep thoughts with such a nice manner. You are really word gifted! Thank you for sharing your feelings with us like that!

  3. Michal says:

    Beautiful beautiful post. Thank you for such wonderful insights, such hope.

    Psalm 36:8-10 (New International Version)

    They feast on the abundance of Your house;
    You give them drink from Your river of delights.

    For with You is the fountain of life;

    Continue Your love to those who know You,
    Your righteousness to the upright in heart.

  4. sandy moons says:

    Recently I was looking at YOU TUBE at all the people who sang the STAR SPANGLED BANNER. While scrolling through and watching the different singers, I found Jud…which led me to your website.

    HOW INSPIRING to read his story… and your journey. May God continue to uphold you and strengthen you to share your journey with others who have lost their child as well.

    My friend, Michelle, lost her son, Diego-5 yrs, to cancer last year Dec. 24th. You know her pain. Please pray for Michelle and Frank, and their young daughter, Lilia 3 1/2 yrs. This first year has been difficult; and as they get closer to the anniversary date of Diego’s passing, their grieving increases.

    Thank you for sharing your beautiful son with the world… his video blessed me!


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