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A Small Window

We went with some friends to an Angels baseball game on Friday night—an alumni event for our college.  But I didn’t watch one lick of the game.

My eyes were transfixed on the sweet little blonde-haired, brown-eyed boy that was sitting directly in front of Drake.  He reminded me of Jud.

When I pulled out Jessie’s bubble blaster the little boy came alive with giggles and excitement, so I offered him the chance to use it.  In the process, I discovered that his name is Tobin and he was born within days of Judson.

Tears pooled in my eyes.  Toby offered a small window into viewing the possibilities for Jud, were he still alive today.  Oh, how it hurt!

I never mentioned our circumstance to the mom, but I wonder if she thought it strange that I was so attentive to her little boy.


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  1. lisa taylor says:


    This is the way I always felt about watching Judson’s videos. His big, huge brown eyes reminded me of Jaden’s. I would always visit Jud’s videos so I could imagine what it would be like if Jaden ever said mommy or "monster truck".

    Thank you for the day dream Jud.
    -Lisa Taylor

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