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A Short, Sweet Song


Dear Judson,

Much like the day that you left us, today is an average, cloudy day.  Perhaps it’s right that it’s dreary, but what I really wished for then and now is a frigid, tempestuous day that clearly conveys my sorrow and the turbulence in my soul.  But alas, if I could always have what I wished for then you would still be here with me.

But you’re not.  After three years, I’ve been forced to accept that life is without you.  How I grieve that you were taken so prematurely!

Even so you’ve left your mark on me, Juddy.  I’ve lived almost 40 years and you fewer than three, but you are indelibly written on my soul.  Your precious smile, sweet spirit, and resounding voice are still with me and will remain in my heart forever.  You were, are, and will always be a treasure of unspeakable worth.  I am proud of the boy you were; what is more, your endurance through such a heinous disease and so many horrible days with such faith was breathtaking and will always remain with me.

Your life was a short, sweet song of praise to our Father.  I still hear it now.  And if when my last words are sung it sounds remotely like yours I will be thankful.

Until then, I will love you, miss you, and am grateful that I can call you my son!

With all of my heart,



6 Responses to "A Short, Sweet Song"

  1. Patrick says:

    Dear Drake,

    As always, your words touch my heart. Praying for you and hugging my kids tighter today.

    Rest in His blessings.



  2. Robyn Morton says:

    Drake, Thinking of all of you today, especially. Jud’s song was a beautiful song of love, faith, light and praise. I wish you still had your little man, right there beside you, but I know God is right there, beside you, holding you close just as you held Jud close. Faith and belief in knowing you will be reunited in God’s holy presence don’t sound like enough at times, yet that is the hope and promise God has given us. Praying that you will be able to hold on to that promise and find some peace and comfort. Love and blessings to you, Christina and Jessie.

  3. aunt sue says:

    Drake, how true–"a short, sweet praise to the Father." How beautiful! And how difficult! Love to you and our prayers. Aunt Sue and Uncle Phil

    We have been thinking of all of you today and praying for you.

  4. Dan Klinge says:

    Hi Drake, I don’t know if you remember me, I’m the guy that came to your house when Judson was still alive, I think about 3 months before his passing. You were having a get together to honor him. My son had told me about Judson, and asked me to write a song for him, and to sing it to him that day. I’m that guy. I introduced myself to "Jud the Stud" as "Dan the Man". One of the most incredible moments I have ever experienced in my life is when we all started singing," Jesus loves me", and Judson broke out with this great big grin and my heart just melted. This is a moment in my life that will never leave me, and I think of it often when I’m feeling down or wounded or feeling sorry for myself, etc. Here’s this little boy whom I had never seen nor have I seen since that God allowed me to meet. Through his agony, he laughed for us all to see, as tho to say thanks guys! Thank you Judson!Dan the Man

  5. Hi! I just came across the video of your son on YouTube and I have to say that he was the most adorable thing I have ever seen. I watched it twice before scrolling down and seeing the story of his life and the terrible tragedy that you suffered as a parent. It inspired me to visit this site and learn a little more about Judson and his life that was cut too short.
    I began reading your wife’s blog and then I looked at yours as well. While scrolling through, I became overwhelmed with sadness and sorrow and it really got to me when I read your entry a year after his death about how you thought people felt you were dealing with the loss of your son better than your wife. I know that has to be a hard thing to think about and I have to say that reading your blog and your notes to your son clearly show what a hole has been left in your heart by his passing.
    You two looked like amazing parents and Judson was a very lucky child to have two amazing people love and care for him…..and to have the love of his sister as well. He was an amazing little boy and just watching the videos of him show what an amazing person he was.
    I know the pain must be hard to live with some days but I know that your son is still listening and still loving you just as much (if not more) as he did when he was here by your side. I am sure he is reading these notes as you write them and smiling with God, anxiously awaiting the day that he can see his daddy again. My heart reaches out to you and your family. There is one prescious little angel "upstairs" waiting and watching over you all!

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