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A Person



“Yes, Jessie?” 

“I wish Paisley were a person,” my ladybug declares, musing at the breakfast counter.

“Oh, that’s interesting.  Why, Buggy B?”

“Well, I wish we had more people around,” she answered.

“You want more people around?” I questioned with curiosity.

“See, if Paisley were a person,” her hands moving dramatically as if to help explain and emphasize her assertion, “there would be another kid around.”

My heart drops, knowing where this is going.

“I wish we had another kid around that I could play with.”

“I wish we did too, Jessie.   I’m so sorry we don’t,” feeling the ache of all Jessie has lost because of Krabbe disease—her only brother and the all too high risk for her to have more siblings (biological).

9 Responses to "A Person"

  1. Marissa S says:

    I have felt what Jessie is feeling many times, and still do. I know it’s not easy. Sending hugs

  2. Dawn Mills says:

    Hugs, my friend. I know that ache. Dalton comments on how much he would like a brother or sister to share his time with usually several times a day. (and he is to the age now where he tells me how "boring" it is that he is the only child in our home) I’m so deepley sorry….. I wish Jessie Girl had her brother here to play with her too.
    Much love….

  3. Kristy says:


  4. Samanta says:

    sending a big hug, one super big for Jessie Girl!

  5. Amy Moore says:

    Hugs to you all…

  6. Oh Christina~
    How deeply that much have touched your soul….love your heart. Jessie girl is so precious. I don’t even know what to say except we love you all so very much.
    Big hugs…love you so~Jean and Gary

  7. Amy Dresher says:

    Awww, my heart breaks that Jessie doesn’t have her brother to grow up with.

  8. Darlene says:

    *((((Hugs)))) across the miles.

  9. Hi Christina…
    I’m one of the random followers of your blog. =)
    Friend of a friend of a friend…Kristy Miller. (Chad Miller’s sis in law, Beth (Gilbreath’s)Ott friend…Biola ’98.
    Anyway, just felt prompted to share a little something that came to my mind when I read this post. Maybe it’s from the Lord, I hope and feel that it is.
    I’m an "only" child…my mom lost three babies to miscarriage, so it was just me. The funny thing is, I never felt like "just me"…I still look back on life, and feel that I had siblings…in fact they were cousins, close friends, family friends, neighbor buddies, friends I brought along on campouts, etc. In first grade, my dad felt prompted to encourage me to "try and make friends with that girl in the red dress…she looks like a nice friend"…little first grade Beth Ott! We to this day refer to one another as "sisters by heart". And we didn’t meet until we were 7. =)

    Maybe I wasn’t suppose to be an only child…I think my parents and I will only know that on the other side of eternity…I know your sweet daughter wasn’t suppose to live this life without a sibling. And maybe she won’t. But if she does, I believe God cares about those kind of details. I believe he will bring those "siblings by heart" into her life too. Jessie’s situation is of course very different, she has lost a brother that she knew for a while and loved. But I just felt encouraged to share with you my story, of living life this side of eternity without a sibling. And to tell you that I look back in wonder at my life, in this area, at the ways God filled this "void", with rich deep, relationships. And I trust that he will do the same for your daughter. He notices her great loss, but I believe he will surprise her with unique and wonderful relationships to help fill (though never replace) the desire of her little heart.

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