Judson's Legacy

A Cancer

I can think of nothing more destructive to contentment than comparison.  When I measure myself and my life experiences based on those of others, it breeds dissatisfaction.  It can lead to a longing and a striving that destroys the very fabric of what is beautiful-uniqueness, distinction, differences.

Comparison is a cancer.  It is eating away at so many souls, including mine.

I now live in the very heart of the Orange Curtain; amongst the rich and the beautiful.  Never before have I felt more inadequate.  Why?  I have allowed the cancer of comparison to feed on my thoughts, wherein I desire more or want less.  I hear my inner voice saying I am not enough or what I have been given is not enough. 

Comparison also hinders relationship.  It keeps me from genuinely celebrating the gifts and achievements of others because of my conscious or often unconscious jealousy.

Sure!  There may be times when comparison makes me feel good about myself.  I use my measuring tape, only to discover that my life is “better” than someone else’s.  Suddenly, my feelings of inadequacy are appeased.  Does this taste of satisfaction last?  No, it is simply a fleeting moment (often full of pride) until someone else with “better than me” comes along again. 

Why is comparison so frightening?  It is subtle and seductive, creeping into my thoughts while I am unaware. 

Rather than compare, I want to exercise gratitude for all that I have been given.  In turn, I might find more freedom in my relationships as I learn to genuinely celebrate others!

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