Judson's Legacy

8 Months without Jud

Dear Family & Friends…

It has been 2/3 of a year since Jud passed away.

This is SUCH a difficult journey.

Our wound can feel like it is scabbing up a little bit, but then gets quickly nicked, causing us to wince in pain as it bleeds profusely. In those moments, it feels as raw as ever.

Our lives are very full these days. Drake and I just returned from a wonderful trip to Colorado (via Sedona, AZ, which was a highlight, too); we’re grateful to the Hogans for ministering to us so well! Jessie and I are heading off to New York tomorrow to attend the Hunter’s Hope Symposium for families affected by Krabbe disease. I look forward to meeting other families who have walked a similar path, but also expect it to be very challenging too.

Our hearts continue to grow in our longing for heaven…a place free of sin, sorrow, and death. How sweet it will be to live in eternity with our Savior and our son!

Much love,
Christina (on behalf of Drake too)

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