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25 Random Things


Periodically on Facebook there are fun “games” that make the rounds and right now people are posting 25 random facts about themselves.  I posted mine on Facebook last night and also thought I’d post them here.  So here’s a peek into the “miscellaneous drawer” of my life:

1. I still have a baby tooth and I’ve never had any cavities.

2. Our photographer did not show up at our wedding.

3. I was an on-scene reporter for a cable TV show called “Previews and Reviews”.

4. I have three tattoos…a duck (in honor of Drake whose name means “young male duck”), a ladybug (in honor of my ladybug Jessie), and “Judson” on my wrist (Isaiah 49:16).

5. I like reality TV, though I don’t watch much TV anymore.

6. I hate iceburg lettuce. Give me some good leafy greens!

7. I can touch my nose with my tongue.

8. I was student body president of my high school and I married the student body president of my college (he was also student body president of his middle school—whoa! that’s big time!).

9. I know all the words to the book “Mr. Brown Can Moo”.

10. I was a hair model at a national hair convention my first year in college.

11. As a young girl who watched “CHiPs” I always had a crush on John but it seemed everyone else liked Ponch.

12. I have been a contestant on Family Feud and Shop ‘Til You Drop.

13. Drake did not tell me he loved me until the day he proposed. And vice versa.

14. I won a national contest for Dreyer’s ice cream to create a new flavor. It was called “Nutty Chai Cream”; it had chai latte ice cream with chocolate covered hazelnuts. We were flown to San Francisco for quite a fun trip and got to taste the ice cream.

15. I lived on a college campus for 9 straight years. Yikes! As a student and then as a Resident Director for 5 1/2 years. That’s a lot of cafeteria food!!!!

16. When I was growing up I used to sneak my cat Chloe into my room to sleep with me (she was supposed to always stay outdoors).

17. I know all the two letter words for Scrabble.

18. I have lived in Southern California all my life. (I know what you’re thinking—expand your horizons!)

19. I don’t like watching movies more than once.

20. I am not much of a homemaker…much to Drake’s chagrin.

21. My feet used to be my favorite feature until two of my toes started to curl. Drake used to tell me I should be a foot model. I don’t hear that from him anymore—what a bad husband! 😎

22. I would not hesitate for one second if given the opportunity to sky-dive, bungee jump, or do some other exhilarating and adventuresome activity.

23. I was a tom-boy growing up. I played soccer, softball, basketball, and bowled (does that count as a sport?). Drake and I had our first “date” shooting hoops together. It’s a good thing I didn’t win at “H-O-R-S-E”—that might have been our one and only date!

24. I was extremely fearful of having a little girl. Now my “little girl” is my “joy in the morning” every morning (even if she does like princess stuff)!

25. Before Judson was born, I used to call him my “button”. I continue to cry regularly over losing my “button”.


7 Responses to "25 Random Things"

  1. Marissa says:

    Hi Christina,

    Those are some interesting and cool facts. That’s awesome that you were on family feud. I have a list of random facts about me in my blog, too. Check them out sometime if you want. Thanks for sharing those things about yourself.


  2. Susan Niedwick says:

    You are so creative….i love the picture of the drawer as an intro! Also, wanted to tell you that you are walking on the path you’ve been put on with dignity although I know you crumble a lot inside. Praying for your week as you prepare for bible study next Wednesday.

  3. Jean and Gary Butler says:

    Oh my gosh, I LOVED your 25 Random Things. Mine would be so (ho hum) boring compared to yours…..lol
    You have done some pretty amazing things….and you are STILL amazing.We think you should post a picture of you touching your nose with your tongue…lol
    We love you Christina~
    Jean and Gary

  4. Christina Levasheff says:

    Jean and Gary…just for you I added a picture of me touching my tongue to my nose in the rotating photos on the right. Lot’s of love to you both and thanks so much for your support and care!!!

  5. Brandi says:

    I’m envious of how clean your "junk" drawer is (sorry if that’s offensive, that’s what we call it). Only, I can barely open mine! Loved the 25, I worked on mine last night and then it got deleated : (

  6. Christina Levasheff says:

    Truth be told Brandi…that’s actually not our junk drawer…ours is far worse than that. I just pulled this image off the internet. 😎

  7. Arlene Pellicane says:

    I loved reading this! Wow, you’ve been on game shows and would bungee jump – who knew? Thanks for sharing all your fun adventures.

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