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22 Months Without Jud

Dear family and friends…

We seemed to recognize movement in our grief more significantly this month than we have before.  It was a busy month with the Krabbe Symposium, the first filming for the documentary, Jessie’s birthday, deadlines in working with the publisher for the layout of the book, and vacation on Balboa Island, but in the midst of all these things we began to recognize how much our emotional and even physical reserves have grown in the last 22 months.  Though the sheer length of journeying through loss can be terribly discouraging, especially as there are so many peripheral pains that impact us as well, we are encouraged to see progress in the healing of our hearts.

We will be participating in an Every Step Walk down in Oceanside this month to raise money for Hunter’s Hope (Team Jud’s Buds).  This is in part because we are toying with the idea of locally organizing such an event in honor of Judson and hope to gain some insight into the process.  We will keep you posted with our plans.

September brings the beginning of a new year of activities (teaching team for women’s Bible Study, couples fellowship, etc.) but it also leads us into the fall season, finding us on the cusp of the 2nd anniversary since Judson entered his heavenly dwelling.  We are overcome with hope as we envision Judson living vibrantly in paradise, but his absence from our home here on earth continues to grievously affect our every thought and feeling.  We have been told that there will come a day when our many notions of Jud will simply be expressions of joy, but for now they remain deeply colored by sorrow.  So we continue groaning through our pain, all the while praying that even our lament can be an act of worship.

Thank you for your love and support,
Christina (on behalf of Drake too)

4 Responses to "22 Months Without Jud"

  1. Arlene Pellicane says:

    May God continue to pour out His blessing and comfort to you. I love seeing the pictures of you and Jessie, she is beautiful and looks so full of life and laughter. You’ve certainly had a busy month. Hope the book process is going well for you. Lots of love, Arlene

  2. Debi says:

    Thinking about you, your family and Jud on this 7th. Jessie is so darn cute and what a joy she must be to your family. I read the blog about the doctor’s office and smiled through my tears. Thanks so much for sharing your pain, emotions and everything else that you lay out there for your friends and family. I think about and pray for you often. Loving you and your family at a distance!


  3. hh says:

    thought of you yesterday on the 7th, prayed for you guys on this anniversary. i know i didn’t mention anything about judson, then out of the blue while driving yesterday, ben said from the backseat, "happy birthday to judson!" (he’s never said that before)

    then it hit me and i said to mark, "wow! it IS judson’s birthday in heaven today…22 months!"

    thanks for your update. sorry i haven’t called yet, will try soon.

    we love you guys,

  4. Samuel Yu says:

    Thank you for continuing to share your experiences. Many times I find myself moved to tears reading your recollections and remembrances. Much grace and peace to you and your family.

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