Judson's Legacy

2 Months without Jud

Dear family and friends,

Today marks two months since Judson died.

Every thought is still consumed with the loss of our sweet little man, but we are slowly starting to re-emerge, and once again join “normal” day-to-day activities in our sphere of influence, though it continues to be a slow and hard process. The world goes on as usual (as is expected), but the meaning of every moment has shifted in our lives.

We continue to try to maneuver through our grief in a healthy manner, though it is unchartered territory.

The Christmas season proved to be a difficult time, but we were also showered with unexpected blessings. Thank you to all who were mindful of us during the holidays-we were overwhelmed by the thoughtfulness of so many!

Each day brings us a step closer to the hope we have in Jesus Christ, and also gives us an opportunity to live in recognition of our need for Him.

On a related note, Drake preaches at our home church, Grace Fellowship Church, this Sunday. We are thrilled that he has the chance to share some of what God has recently been teaching him, particularly as it relates to this path the Lord has chosen for us.

Drake will be teaching about prayer from Luke 11:1-13, and tying it into what we have learned through our requests, hopes, and disappointment over the last seven months. May the message, in some small way, bless this community that has blessed us so much. If we come to mind, please pray that God would cause His Word to bear much fruit at Grace.

Much love and gratitude,
Christina (on behalf of Drake too)

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