Judson's Legacy


Horribly cold and heartless people truly exist in this world.  I brushed up against this reality the other day.

There have been over 93,000 hits on our YouTube video of Judson singing the Star Spangled Banner.  When anyone posts a response to the video, I get an email indicating that a new comment has been made.  When I receive these notifications, I am often encouraged by the lovely, kind, and sympathetic words of strangers.

However the other day, after receiving notification of a new comment, I opened YouTube only to discover, under the video of Judson’s beautiful face and sweet voice, this disturbing comment:

“I’d p*ss on his grave and f*** his corpse.  What a filthy little American!”

I froze.

I had to reread it a couple times, baffled that anyone could be quite so vicious and hateful.

As I removed this post from the site, my heart sank at the venom in this anonymous person’s soul.  In a strange way I felt sorry for them, but every inch of my body groaned for Jesus and his eternal vindication.  Come quickly, Lord Jesus, come!

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